What you push away forcefully never goes away – Why?

‘If you push something away to get rid of it – you are still in touch with it’, says Ram Dass. Ram Dass was a spiritual teacher. But before he became Ram Dass, he was Dr. Richard Alpert, and you can read more about his fascinating journey at this link. In Summary, his life is very …

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Humanity could do with a little bit of trust these days, right?

As promised last week, here is a snippet of our trip to Costa Rica. We went to a small strip of land surrounded by ocean, canals and forest called Tortuguero. It is named after Turtles which use the black sandy beaches of Tortuguero for the nesting/hatching session. I chose this place because it seemed contained …

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Imposter Syndrome – How Easily We Fool The World?

I found this new cafe in Columbus called Joyas – opened by a Bengali-American chef. And today was another one of my favourites – grey, rainy day, so I thought, let’s check the cafe out and get something spicy Indian ishytle. I got a break during lunch, rushed over – placed my order. It was bustling …

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