What corrective lens do we all need?

This is the last of the blogs from me attending the Grace Hopper conference. You can read my previous two blogs here – Haben Girma and Timnit Gebru. One of the VPs of product design from Facebook gave an interesting talk. Given the recent whistleblower incident with Facebook, this post seems all the more relevant.  She stated that Diversity and …

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The New Normal

The dictionary meaning of normal is ‘conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.’ Like, as an Asian child growing up – to be ‘normal’ was to work super hard, get excellent grades and a get a good job. Continuing further, it also meant that you married a nice boy that your parents chose, had …

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A Whole New World

I am sure all of us have heard the Aladdin’s song – A Whole New World. And I am sure they could see a whole new world and a fantastic view from the carpet. A few of us also believe in the parallel universe theory, where we might be doing different things – altogether a …

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Courage – in daily life

“It is easy to fight a war, but it’s the day to day life that wears us out.” Like all things that have something to teach us this quote stayed with me. The words might not be the same, but it does convey the message. It is easier to tackle a big crisis than with …

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