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I Wonder

As we were driving down the roads in India, my husband commented that he sometimes wonders what all these people on the road are doing or not doing? 

There are a lot of people in India who sit and wait or wonder or do something so complex that it is beyond a simple mind like mine which does not understand the concept of not doing anything or just plain simple wondering.

If you are going through the streets of villages you will see people sitting around a small tea shack and not doing anything. You will see people sleeping under trees. You will see people sitting outside their houses (Old houses had this inbuilt – a bench or a small verandah where you could sit and socialize).

If you are in the busy streets of a city, you will still see people sitting outside a tea shop on motorbikes. You will see them sit on piers or water fronts. You will see them sitting at bus stops, train stations. You will see them sitting in various shops, waiting or wondering.

If you didn’t know, India is the most populated country in the world with a whopping 1.3 billion and more coming by the second. And to add to the people let’s not forget all the cows and the dogs that roam as if they have equal rights to the road as any other Indian Citizen.

With so many people, one wonders how people have so much time. It is amazing that with so many people things still get done – with no order or organization. That is the beauty. You can impose control/order and laws only to a certain limit in a democracy. After that life takes over – it has its own order which works with the chaos – infact chaos is needed.

With so many people and limited infrastructure, we as humans are forced to resign to the fact that we are after all puppets in this whole drama called life. We want to move faster, but the traffic is not budging. We want to get an appointment as soon as we visit the doctor’s office, but there are like a dozen people in front of us. We want to zoom right through the traffic, but there are potholes, cows and dogs to avoid. In the face of such situations, the best thing to do is to accept it and use that time to wonder. I  believe that’s why there is so much just sitting and staring that happens. People have learnt that sometimes the best thing to do is to ‘just’ live. 

I had always rushed through life, even when I lived in India before. And even now I cannot stop running or doing. I admit that I used to look down on ‘not doing’ state as something of a lowly task. It’s only now that I am beginning to see the value and appreciate the state of wonder that many Indians tend to have automatically.

Do not get me wrong, this comes with its frustrations and issues but given the population and given the infrastructure, the happy medium is to keep calm and carry on and enjoy life for what it is – a super entertaining drama!

First Time Ever

My favorite city in Europe is Paris.
You might say that it’s a cliche or there are better cities than Paris in Europe, and you are probably right. The way I classify favorite is to ask the questions – Did I have fun? Did it satisfy my curiosity to explore? And the primary reason Paris checks those boxes is that it was my first time in a European city. Everything was new – in some ways, Paris set the baseline for the rest of the cities I traveled to. My next trip was to Amsterdam and whether I wanted to or not I was comparing the people, food, high street to the ones in Paris. Remaining cities all blurred together, there is a castle, cathedral, high street or downtown, and gardens but Paris stands out. Do not get me wrong, there are memories of all the cities I went to, but Paris is unique – whether I like that or not.

Moving to a new Place.
My move to Phoenix was a milestone in growing up.
I have moved places almost every 5-7 years since I was born – that’s a lot of places, but Phoenix was the first place where I moved to on my own. I had figure out – finding a home, internet, grocery shopping, my taxes, driving, cooking food, social life – man! That was hard, but it stands out. And then I moved to London – it was also another significant move, but in my head I was ready, and I had a baseline – everything in London was a delta to what I did in Phoenix or classified as being new to London. The newness of moving wasn’t there because I had done it before.

My first series of books – Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven.
Secret Seven was the first series I read. I had other stand-alone books, but this was my first ever series. And I loved it, and I remember desperately searching for the next book in the series. I read lots of series afterward like famous five, secret series, nancy drew, and some of them from the same author but the charm and discovery in the first series is truly unique. I was thrilled to know that they had passwords for their meetings – in some ways it was my first exploration of the city of secret series like Paris.

At work, I have a penchant for telling what I call ‘My Nephew Jokes’ like
Why was the computer late to work? – because it had a hard drive.
Some people laugh at them, and some don’t. Some people are laughing inside which I have come to understand is another way of saying – I don’t find that funny. And some people laugh because they like my enjoyment of the jokes.

It is possible that a few of you might not agree with my “First” theory, but you have your model of what remains with you – what evokes the spirit of discovery and excitement in you – and brings up the childlike wonder and curiosity in you. And I aim to keep that alive and never let it get jaded.

Live every day like a new day.