Simple Things In Life Are The Most Profound.

I watched a Netflix Movie – Minnal Murali, recently. It has got excellent reviews and is a regional Indian film like non-Bollywood. This film is from Kerela – a state known for churning out good quality lifelike movies. However, this movie is a SuperHero film, one of the firsts for Indian movies. The movie has a …

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How to deal with cracks in your life?

How many times in your life have your plans gone awry? You wanted something to happen, and it does not happen. You did not want something to happen, and it happens. This is the basic definition of Suffering. So, as per this definition, we all suffer and – we have all suffered a lot. Our …

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So Close.

I recently finished reading the book – ‘Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins. She is also the author of ‘Gone Girl’ which is also a movie. She is one of the rare authors who use unreliable narrators in her stories and does it well too. This book is also very similar. I got caught …

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