My Way Or The Highway? Is It Such A Bad Thing?

As some of you know, I am in a new role. Fortunately or unfortunately, four managers have left in the last five years – while that is a problem in itself. An impact of that is that my team was left rudderless to fend for themselves in the corporate jungle. They did the best they …

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Marriages – Now and Then

Our understanding of certain long-established rituals like Weddings has evolved as society has evolved. In India – weddings are a big deal. More than the actual event, it is a place to connect and bond with others. The best part about my wedding was time spent with my family and close friends for an entire …

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Weird Place

I just finished watching a movie called ‘Is Love Enough? SIR’ by Rohan Gera. It is a love story set in Mumbai revolving around a prosperous guy who falls in love with his maid. There is a scene where his friend says, ‘You cannot date your maid.’ The guy responds with, ‘Keep that aside.’ And …

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