I am a snob who argues with reality.

I need a taste of my own medicine. The old saying that the advice we give others is often the advice we need ourselves is true. All this great wisdom that I spout in my blog is evident proof of that. So, today I decided to make that the purpose of this blog. The advice …

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Mind Your Own Business – rest will take care of itself

‘If everybody minded their own business, the world would be a better place to live.’ I am paraphrasing a quote from Ramana Maharishi. I came across this quote a few years ago, and like all things with unfinished business, it stayed with me. When you hear this quote – Mind Your Own Business, what comes …

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The One Secret That We Will Never Be Able To Tell

So, I just finished watching the movie – ‘The Judge’ on Netflix. At a high level, it’s a very simple story about a son who returns to a small town from where he ran away but comes back to defend his father, who is the judge. But what stood out to me was the human …

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Do we own the territory? Think again!

My dad was telling me about his violin teacher’s car. Rats managed to get under the hood and chewed off the wires. And this happened so many times that he ended up selling his car. In a tropical country like India, this is a common phenomenon. Our next-door neighbours also have the same problem. My …

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Are humans losing the evolution race to technology?

I am re-reading Dune books by Frank Herbert. They are a must for any fantasy fan worth her salt. Like a true work of art – every time you read them, you see a different angle. In the book, there is a group of people called Fremen who thrive in the desert. They have stillsuits …

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It is time tables were turned – don’t you think?

I was reading about this Indian Doctor in Norway. He goes to India, gets married and brings his wife to Norway. They have two kids, and the wife is having a hard time doing everything by herself and adjusting to Norway culture, which is nothing like what she knows. They get reported to social services …

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What corrective lens do we all need?

This is the last of the blogs from me attending the Grace Hopper conference. You can read my previous two blogs here – Haben Girma and Timnit Gebru. One of the VPs of product design from Facebook gave an interesting talk. Given the recent whistleblower incident with Facebook, this post seems all the more relevant.  She stated that Diversity and …

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Humanity’s True Religion is the capital ‘I’.

‘I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but when I got older, I converted to narcissism’ is a famous quote by Woody Allen.  He is more aware of the core belief than most of us, who harbour the belief that we are not in love with ourselves. The truth is we only love ourselves – …

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Being A Women – What Do You Know?

‘There will always be a$$*0**$ at work. You have to learn to deal with them.’ My first ever mentor told me – and I did not see her as a mentor then, but now I am very grateful. I learnt a lot, A LOT from her. I was in my late twenties and my first …

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Have You Experienced Time Yet?

Tired of running around! Need more hours in the time – read to get more space in your life and do more with less time.

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