Camera Lens

I practice Vipassana Meditation – Vipassana in Pali means “To see things as they are”. And in the book Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg he also talks about “Observing without judgment”. At one level it makes perfect sense – how can we live in this world if we are not able to see things …

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Lazy or Lying On The Couch

How many times have you heard yourself think or say the following statements about yourself or others? – She is lazy or I am lazy. – She is always late or I am always late. – You or I never do this. When we make such statements, we are very harsh/critical and judgemental. But for …

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Giraffe and Jackals

I recently attended a Non Violent Communication workshop, and they used a couple of metaphors which I loved. First one was a Giraffe – there were things about Giraffe that I discovered. 1. Giraffes have an 11-Kg or a 26-pound heart. 2. Giraffes have a 1.8m or 6 feet long neck. 3. Giraffes Saliva is …

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To Truly Listen

We had an open space session in one of our CPM retreats. And the topic was Silence – I went to the breakout room, and the session leader was there. He asked me, ‘Inside or Outside’ and I replied, ‘Does it matter?’ and he said no. We had just started a conversation when another person …

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