Lazy or Lying On The Couch

How many times have you heard yourself think or say the following statements about yourself or others? – She is lazy or I am lazy. – She is always late or I am always late. – You or I never do this. When we make such statements, we are very harsh/critical and judgemental. But for …

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Giraffe and Jackals

I recently attended a Non Violent Communication workshop, and they used a couple of metaphors which I loved. First one was a Giraffe – there were things about Giraffe that I discovered. 1. Giraffes have an 11-Kg or a 26-pound heart. 2. Giraffes have a 1.8m or 6 feet long neck. 3. Giraffes Saliva is …

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To Truly Listen

We had an open space session in one of our CPM retreats. And the topic was Silence – I went to the breakout room, and the session leader was there. He asked me, ‘Inside or Outside’ and I replied, ‘Does it matter?’ and he said no. We had just started a conversation when another person …

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