Falling In Love Again And Again

The last two weeks at work have been interesting. Every day there is something new – an important customer threatening to leave, a death in a colleague’s family or a spam mail sent to a customer. I also recently watched the Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking. This time for every episode, they interviewed couples who …

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Is There A Point In Doing Anything?

I was talking with my colleague at work about the point of doing what she does? The conversation was about spending time with family and work. Her point was we do work so that we can do non-work items, but we spend so much time doing work that we don’t get time for everything else. …

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Getting Old vs Aging Gracefully – What Does It Mean?

I was listening to a 90’s famous Bollywood song – Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe, whose lyrics roughly translate as – ‘When we are new, why should our style be old?’ And this movie – ‘Dil Chahta Hai‘ or ‘What The Heart Desires’ was a trendsetting movie. I remember watching the movie in my friend’s room, a …

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Do we really live on the same planet?

A few years ago, Adam, my husband, had won first prize in Give Back Hackathon – for social enterprises. And as a part of it, he started Wild Tiger Tees – work with youth experiencing homelessness in the art of screen printing. We were about five or so people initially, and we would have regular …

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The Biggest Culprit Of All – Time

Eckhart Tolle tells the story of his dad, who in his older years remarked that the quality of mirrors has deteriorated since his younger days. I am sure most of us have looked at the mirror and wondered what happened? Or, go for reunions and somebody remarks on how young we were? Or, go through …

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Are We Lying To Ourselves?

Ever wondered why we are all so stressed – never getting where we want to be. Its because we are never where we really are. Keep reading to find out more

Have You Experienced Time Yet?

Tired of running around! Need more hours in the time – read to get more space in your life and do more with less time.

What Matters Most?


When you read a book, do you wonder about the blank spaces around the words? Do you wonder about the blank pages on which the letters appear? When you enter a room, do you think about the space in the room? When you use the furniture, do you think about the space in which it …

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Lost In Russian Dolls?

Have you ever seen a new-born baby? For the first six months or so they have no idea of who they are, they are not aware of their legs and arms. One of my nieces used to pull her hair as a baby and start crying – unable to tear her hand and stop the …

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Plain Old Living

I just watched the latest Pixar animation movie – ‘Soul’. It is a must-see even though not at the same level as their other movie – ‘Inside Out’. Before we get into the actual blog a word about the creation process for these movies. Pixar movies generally speaking come from a very different place. If …

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