Getting Old vs Aging Gracefully – What Does It Mean?

I was listening to a 90’s famous Bollywood song – Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe, whose lyrics roughly translate as – ‘When we are new, why should our style be old?’ And this movie – ‘Dil Chahta Hai‘ or ‘What The Heart Desires’ was a trendsetting movie. I remember watching the movie in my friend’s room, a …

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Indian Weddings – More Than Just Food And Dress

It seems to be the wedding season. We just returned from attending my cousin’s wedding in India and went straight into an Indian wedding in New York. Now off to another Indian wedding this coming weekend. We may have a couple before the end of the year. It’s one of those seasons when everybody is …

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What Goes Around Comes Around -Story Of One Rupee Bundles

Imagine a bucolic scene and lush green farms surrounding a tiny cluster of villages. This scene is set in a time when horse carriages were the primary mode of transport. And in the villages where most dwellings are made of mud and thatch, there is a concrete building. And the building is a significant establishment …

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Forgotten Story

We were lucky enough to meet a lovely couple friend of ours while at the wedding of a common friend in the charming city of Pas Robles. We literally ran into them and decided to have a very relaxing brunch. While the food did a great job of satisfying our appetite, it was the conversation …

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Growing Old

Incident 1: I turned thirty years old, and I remember talking to my dad who is a realist in all sense. I told him, “Can you believe it I am thirty years old?” And his response was, “Yes, and in another ten years you will be forty and another ten you will be fifty.” Incident …

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London – A walk down the memory lane

We lived in London for seven years before moving to Columbus. I am fortunate enough to have explored London in different phases. You experience a different London when you are a student – a different one when you are working – a different one when you are on paid holiday. London is the locus if …

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