Time To Stop The Drama – Let’s Move On

My parents just arrived from India. The flights from India are super long-spanning more than a day with multiple stops. My parent’s flight schedule was from Chennai -> Abu Dhabi -> Chicago -> Columbus. I diligently tracked it on the FlightAware app, which gives a real-time visual of where the plane is. When they landed …

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It’s Not Worth It

At work, one of the peers has this annoying habit of forwarding emails that I have already received – and these emails are more of the provocative nature (focusing solely on issues or highlighting where things are not working). I used to respond to these emails. But, as things got hectic, I did not have …

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Let it go!

In Creativity and Personal Mastery course, prof.Rao tells us a story. A baby is happily drinking his bottle of milk. Let’s say you take it away. The baby’s face gets all red, and he bawls his little lungs out. There is no mistaking that he is upset. And when you give the bottle back to …

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