Malicious People Are Great – Why? Because they force you to be better

I am sure all of us have been in a position where we have been offended by something someone said or did—and even hours, days, or years later, we still get riled up. In some cases, we can remove such people from our lives, and in some cases, we cannot. As I mentioned in previous …

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Is There An Inner Child In All Of Us, Really?

My brother and his family are visiting India right now, and I am a little nostalgic because I am not with them. It is the peak of summer in India, which means time for mangoes and ‘nongu’, or ice apples. When my family was eating them in the village this time, one of our family …

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What Does One Have To Do To Avoid Suffering?

Not have any expectations or expect them to be met. Yes, it’s that simple. In our heads, we come up with a scenario that should happen – it starts with a thought, and with repeated thinking, it becomes a reality in our heads. And when the universe/outside world does not follow our script, the reality …

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How Far Will You Go For Inner Peace?

I saw the trailer for ‘Deepest Breath’ a few weeks ago and added it to my list on Netflix. However, it took me a few tries before I could get myself to watch it as it has a lot of peril involved, and I wasn’t sure if I could take the tension of watching the …

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Why Focus So Much On Big Stuff When Life Is Series Of Small Stuff?

There are times in life when it just hums along smoothly, with no significant humps. You wake up, go through your day and go back to bed. And then there are times when it feels like a storm is shaking your life ship. We have all experienced those, right? I have had a couple of …

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Can anything happen in this world without Internet?

‘Your generation cannot boil an egg without going online.’ – is a line said by a grandad to his grandson in one of the Slow Horses books I am reading right now. It is a great book series and also streaming on apple. I read the book, but this sentence stayed with me for some …

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Is That A Good Thing?

I told a couple of colleagues at work that my parents are staying with me. And there is a hesitant pause as they ask with a questioning look – ‘Is that a good thing?’ And one of my colleagues even gave me a look of sympathy – when I offered that they cook food – …

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(How To) Stop The War Within to Stop The War Outside

I am sure most of us are following the Russia-Ukraine situation. And that probably brings up a range of emotions from fear to outrage, disbelief to despair. For me, I cannot get over the fact that we have humans (like you and me) in this day and age who believe that marching tanks into the …

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Inner Peace In A World Full Of Chaos

We are all busy. People have so much going on in their lives that they have no time to stop and stare. You meet people on Monday, and the most common comment is that the weekend went by so quick. It can be personal stuff like kids, groceries, household chores, work stuff, or global like …

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Oops – I Made A Mistake!

Going through a difficult situation in life? Life situations are harder that you expected? This is the time to give grace and have patience.