Avocado Toast, Sober-Curious – What’s Next?

We had one of our regular town hall meetings at work. And our wellness consultant mentioned a session on Sober-Curious. My mind tucked that word away for more research – Lo and Behold next day, an article on Sober Curious shows up on bbc.com. The best definition of Sober curious was – ‘You Do You, …

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Living in a land where nothing goes as planned

Adam and I had come back to Chennai early as we had an early flight to catch. And this was the first time in a long time that I was at Chennai home without my mom – and that, in other words, means practically rudderless. For starters, we decided to do laundry and started the …

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You Are An Amazing Actor – Believe It Or Not?

We just got back after a blissful but hot two weeks in India. Trips to India inspire my creativity because there is so much happening. And I don’t usually have a plan when I am there, which is the right space for creativity to strike. My ancestral home in my village is an old-style one …

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