Hot Indian Summers – Then and Now

As a kid, summer holidays were the highlight of my school year – a super long break where I could play as much as possible. I remember being outside at noon with the sun beating on my head, completely disregarding my mom’s warnings about it being too hot. If I had a friend who also …

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The One Secret That We Will Never Be Able To Tell

So, I just finished watching the movie – ‘The Judge’ on Netflix. At a high level, it’s a very simple story about a son who returns to a small town from where he ran away but comes back to defend his father, who is the judge. But what stood out to me was the human …

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Togetherness – Makes Sense

I love solitude, the difference between being lonely and alone. Nature and a crowded city both let me be – which is why I find them both very soothing to my soul. I enjoy watching movies alone, eating by myself, going to cafes on my own. Best of all, I like to travel alone because …

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