A Whole New World And A New Rhythm

I woke up this Tuesday feeling disoriented – like not sure where I was. And as I continued with my meditation, exercising, that feeling persisted. And when I went to walk Aki, it hit me that I was in Columbus and had just returned from a stimulating three day weekend in New York.  If you …

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Deaf and Blind, BUT Harvard Law Graduate

At work, I was selected to attend a conference called Grace Hopper. It is named after a woman computer professional who went to write the initial code for COBOL.  The main theme that I took away from the conference was ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and how woefully little I know about it. There were a few inspiring …

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Diversity And Inclusion – Airbnb

I had written a post about Diversity and Inclusion a while ago. And I am still fascinated by the power of diversity. I like to travel as some of you know – and I realized that for the last few trips we have always stayed at an Airbnb. I remember being skeptical about the idea …

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Not all who wander are lost

I remember somebody telling me about their best friend who has known them since childhood. Most people will probably say, ‘Awwww, that’s so nice.’ Not you, you are thinking – ‘That is so scary, why would I want that?’ You have lived in a place for five-plus years, and the locals ask you – “Is …

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Thinking Different

For selection into an orchestra, the potential candidates were asked to perform behind a screen so that the examiners had no idea who was playing – a carpet was placed behind the screen to prevent the heels of the women to give them away. RESULTS: The number of women in orchestras rose from 5% to …

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