Concrete Jungle – Why I Love It So Much?

“I am going to Chicago for a city fix…” I told my colleague just before the Memorial Day long weekend kicked in. It took a while for reality to sink in that I do not think of Columbus as a city. My definition of a city is tall buildings with only bits of sky visible, …

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Avocado Toast, Sober-Curious – What’s Next?

We had one of our regular town hall meetings at work. And our wellness consultant mentioned a session on Sober-Curious. My mind tucked that word away for more research – Lo and Behold next day, an article on Sober Curious shows up on bbc.com. The best definition of Sober curious was – ‘You Do You, …

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Weddings – Is There More To Them Than Meets the Eye?

This year one of my cousins got married back home in India. He opted for arranged marriage which means horoscopes had to be checked etc. etc. When the marriage date was finally confirmed, it created a buzz in cousin’s WhatsApp chat as we are all spread worldwide. We were so busy talking about what to …

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What is a genuine human connection?

What is true compassion? When we understand we are all humans and suffering/joy is a common thread across us – transcend the life situations we face.

Togetherness – Makes Sense

I love solitude, the difference between being lonely and alone. Nature and a crowded city both let me be – which is why I find them both very soothing to my soul. I enjoy watching movies alone, eating by myself, going to cafes on my own. Best of all, I like to travel alone because …

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Have you ever wondered why the CEO gets the corner office on the topmost floor? Have you ever wondered why everybody has to rise when Judge enters the room? There is a distinct hierarchy everywhere – in hospitals, airports even in Restaurants: head chef and a sous chef, Pilot and a co-pilot, Doctor and a …

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A Select Few

There is a lot of news about the suicide of the Bollywood Actor – Sushant Singh Rajput. It has raised questions on the powerful few who own most of the industry – which movies make it, who is the hero etc. Soon after that, there was another post from a singer stating that it is …

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More Than Before

Before 2020 I was living my regular routine – going to work, getting things done and accomplishing the goals I had set for myself. I also spent a considerable amount of time with Wild Tiger Tees. Wild Tiger Tees is a social enterprise which Adam, I and three of our friends formed. Our mission is …

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Innocent – Are You?

A few days ago, NASA launched astronauts to the space station. And a few days ago George Floyd was killed as a result of police brutality or racial injustice as some of us would say it. Somebody in your team made a mistake, and you tell that person it’s ok – this is the time …

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Where Will It Lead Us To?

This blog is a little bit different from my other blogs in the sense that it is a collection of various bits of information about Japan that I find fascinating. For a while, I have been fascinated by Japan. Not only because our Shiba-Inu pup is from Japan but because of the demographics in Japan. …

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