Yours vs. Mine – Is The Reason For The Great Divide

I had a colleague at work tell me – ‘I watched your language’s movie.’ I was taken aback by the ‘Your language’ comment because I had to think about what he meant by that. A bit of context: India is a small country with great variety. Every state has its language, culture, food, dress, festivals, gods …

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Be Surprised

I was a little down when we were leaving London – it is almost a physical tug on my heart. It gets harder and harder to leave London, much like India. Such is life – and we ordered a Uber to get to the airport. I got into the cab all prepared to dwell on …

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Home Away From Home

I have talked about this topic in a few of my previous blogs. But every time I am in London, I am reminded of my global nomadic tribe despite living in Columbus. I cannot deny the almost visceral feeling that I am home while in London. Every fibre of my being relaxes knowing it has …

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