Are We Any Better Than Our Ancestors?

I had added ‘Chimp Empire’ – a docuseries about chimps in Ngogo, Africa, to my Netflix list as something that called out to me. And I ended up watching it yesterday. It is a four-part series, each about forty-five minutes long. It is fascinating to watch – given my default inclination towards human predicament. When …

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Are humans losing the evolution race to technology?

I am re-reading Dune books by Frank Herbert. They are a must for any fantasy fan worth her salt. Like a true work of art – every time you read them, you see a different angle. In the book, there is a group of people called Fremen who thrive in the desert. They have stillsuits …

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How To Evolve-Human Beings 2.0

My parents and I were reminiscing on the old days. We had just moved to Delhi when I was about four years old. And none of us except my dad knew the language Hindi. And my mom mentioned that she had done a correspondence course to learn Hindi. I expressed my shock that I had …

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