Does Our Education System Make Sense? It’s Like Putting The Cart Before The Horse

When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade – we had words and their meaning as a question in our English Exams. The idea was to write down the meaning of difficult words in English. I was an avid reader at that age, reading books above my grade level. I was able to do so …

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Those Were The Days

I just watched the Netflix Series – ‘Alma Mater – Inside the IIT dream’. It was a trip down memory lane – nostalgic, and I did not want it to end in some ways. So much packed in those days, just like peeling the layers of the onion. I did my engineering and then did …

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Not Enough

At work, we go through a lot of assessments – leadership, personality, etc. You will find a few statements common across these assessments and today I want to talk about one of such statements – ‘I have high expectations of myself and work hard but should be careful about expecting the same from others.’ I …

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