Avocado Toast, Sober-Curious – What’s Next?

We had one of our regular town hall meetings at work. And our wellness consultant mentioned a session on Sober-Curious. My mind tucked that word away for more research – Lo and Behold next day, an article on Sober Curious shows up on bbc.com. The best definition of Sober curious was – ‘You Do You, …

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A Whole New World And A New Rhythm

I woke up this Tuesday feeling disoriented – like not sure where I was. And as I continued with my meditation, exercising, that feeling persisted. And when I went to walk Aki, it hit me that I was in Columbus and had just returned from a stimulating three day weekend in New York.  If you …

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The One Secret That We Will Never Be Able To Tell

So, I just finished watching the movie – ‘The Judge’ on Netflix. At a high level, it’s a very simple story about a son who returns to a small town from where he ran away but comes back to defend his father, who is the judge. But what stood out to me was the human …

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There Is Enough Room.

Have you ever wondered at the sheer variety in nature? It is unbelievable, even in one tree, no leaf is the same. I am sure there are many other species of animals and trees in existence that we are unaware of. Nature is at peace with it – the tree does not wish it could …

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