Doing Something Without Knowing Why

As some of you know, I had a love marriage and not an arranged marriage as per the traditional Indian family customs. It was not a well thought or planned decision. As in, I did not grow up thinking – oh! I want a love marriage. If somebody had told me that I would end …

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How To Make Decisions? Logic or Magic!

‘Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.’ – the famous words by Yoda have more to them than just dawdling over a decision. Before we peel that layer of onion, let’s talk about decisions.  But a small anecdote: I was talking to my Dad about his summer holidays. They were a big joint family, …

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The road ahead, not the turn

I recently saw the movie, ‘Stand and Deliver’ based on the real-life story of Jamie Escalante, a math professor. He is famous for teaching calculus to high school students in Garfield High School in East LA. Most of the students are of Hispanic origins who passed the test. There are a couple of scenes that …

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