Why Morbid Musings Can Be Wonderful?

I had my team do a eulogy as an activity to get to know each other better and also get to know oneself better. And my entry referred to my fascination with morbid things in general. One of my colleagues asked me – what is the reason you are so fascinated by Death? I thought …

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The One Secret That We Will Never Be Able To Tell

So, I just finished watching the movie – ‘The Judge’ on Netflix. At a high level, it’s a very simple story about a son who returns to a small town from where he ran away but comes back to defend his father, who is the judge. But what stood out to me was the human …

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Grim Reaper

Make Your Life Easy, and You Can Do It are two of the books that I have authored. And they both start with the chapter on Suffering. My preference was to begin them with Grim Reaper, but my husband managed to convince me that it might be too morbid for the general audience. The reason I started …

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Forgotten Story

We were lucky enough to meet a lovely couple friend of ours while at the wedding of a common friend in the charming city of Pas Robles. We literally ran into them and decided to have a very relaxing brunch. While the food did a great job of satisfying our appetite, it was the conversation …

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Do We Realize?

Life as we know is very fleeting, but we live as we are immortals. Do we ever wake up in the morning feeling so grateful because we are alive, our dear ones are alive? No, we take it for granted that we will wake up in the morning every time we go to bed. I …

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Long Term – how long is long?

I remember my hindi teacher at school telling us this story. It went something like this: There is a bus that is going from A to B. On the way to B it runs into a oncoming truck and everybody on the bus dies. People come running to the accident to help any survivors and …

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