Weddings – Is There More To Them Than Meets the Eye?

This year one of my cousins got married back home in India. He opted for arranged marriage which means horoscopes had to be checked etc. etc. When the marriage date was finally confirmed, it created a buzz in cousin’s WhatsApp chat as we are all spread worldwide. We were so busy talking about what to …

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More Than Before

Before 2020 I was living my regular routine – going to work, getting things done and accomplishing the goals I had set for myself. I also spent a considerable amount of time with Wild Tiger Tees. Wild Tiger Tees is a social enterprise which Adam, I and three of our friends formed. Our mission is …

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Joy By Proxy

When I started my Bollywood Dance Class – I had no idea that it would be so much more than just dancing or driving Monday Blues away as I said on my website. What do I mean by this? One of my very first clients was a hen night or Bachelorette party. It was the …

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The Sounds Of India

I landed in India after twenty-three hours of flight time. I enjoy long flights however gruelling it may seem – there seems to be something about being suspended in the air – which is very freeing. And I look forward to landing and coming out of the aeroplane. Not only my mind but also my …

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