Will You Be My Friend – What An Odd Thing To Say?

Aki – our Shiba Inu pup, and I had one thing in common, among others. Our snobbery when it came to others of our kind. Aki would stand at the side of the dog park and decide which dog he wanted to hang out with – and he would go for a run with them. …

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Be Fallow, Be Free

In the old days, farmers would let a piece of land be without crops for a season as it would regain its fertility. This land which was left as it is was called fallow land. There was another technique called crop rotation which involved rotating crops in a fashion to replenish the nutrients in the …

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Growth and Relaxation

Let’s imagine a conversation between trees: A baby Plant called Plant, Young Sapling called Sapling, Mature Tree called Mature. Baby: I am tired of just taking in water and sunlight – I want to produce fruits. Producing fruits is so cool – it’s the coolest thing in the world. Young: I want to grow up …

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