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Common Sense Is Not So Common – Is It?

I am fascinated by my royal, regal, adorable, handsome five-year-old Shiba Inu pup – Aki. The long list of adjectives with the name of his royal highness only goes to prove how much we love him. There is no doubt that he is of a royal lineage but to realize that he is a spiritual teacher with no equal was a slow realization.

Aki wakes up in the morning, and he has no idea what the day has in store for him. He could get up and go to daycare. Or, he could get up and be in the car for eight hours to some location. Or, he could wake up and just lounge at home all day long. The possibilities are endless, and Aki has absolutely no idea.

And not only is he comfortable with ambiguity he also embraces what’s in store as if he had chosen it. If we go for a hike, he leaps and bounces on the trail like he had been looking forward to it for ages. If we decide to stay at home, he lounges like it’s been ages since he had a day to himself. Or, if he finds himself at daycare, he bounds in as if we abuse him at home.

This is not to say that he lets his subjects know if his needs are not met. He rings the bell when nature calls. Or, he stares at us with the judging looks only a Shiba can bestow when we have missed his treat time. Or, he jumps on the desk to remind us that it’s time for his walk.

All in all, he shows excellent common sense. Now, humans, on the other hand – not so much. I am beginning to understand the inspiration for the quote, ‘Common Sense Is Not So Common.’ might have originated from watching animals.

We wake up with a clear idea of an impossible to-do list. Any child or a pet would tell you that there is only so much time in the day, but time is not a barrier when it comes to our never-ending to-dos. Let’s say that some of us are wise enough to ensure that our list is manageable.

Read Carefully.
So, we have established that our list is manageable or does not even have a list.
Do things go as planned? If you are not a child, you should know that this is one of the universal truths in life.
Do you still go with the flow as if you planned them? If yes, then you don’t have to read the blog. (Why do you think Aki never reads my blogs?)

Humans resist what is happening now, at the moment, as if it were possible. It shouldn’t. I wish. For example, it might be pouring rain, but you (or your mind) wishes it were not. Your car has broken down, but you want it not to be broken. You have lost all your money, but you want it all back.

I am not saying that we accept everything that happens like a passive vegetable but be like Aki, who uses mind minimally, not all the time. Life is straightforward when we accept what is happening right now. We complicate when we wish otherwise.

As a result of this decree, Aki is my inspiration for common sense – what about yours?

Island with no Stallions

This is a different blog than usual – it’s about our trip to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw). I am done with my quota of touristy things like visiting every point of interest, going to all the top restaurants. Thanks to my stint in London, UK, my friend Ranjani and my husband I have had my fill of it. As prof. Rao says in his Creativity and Personal Mastery says “You Cannot Leave Desire, Desire Has To Leave You.” And the desire has left me.Those were good times but my focus at that time was checking my list rather than enjoy the city for what its worth. I am drawn to the human stories or little nuggets that most don’t know about but it wasn’t my primary focus.

Anyways, so weekend trip to Mackinac Island – first of all there are no cars on the islands just bikes and horse buggies. The words – Taxi, Shuttle, Uber will bring you something like below:

The horse drivers were all very interesting – they come up for 4-6 months and then take off to their winter homes.One of our drivers had been doing this for 10 years. There is no certification needed to drive a horse buggy – they give you some training and then you are on your own. You have to learn how to do a three-way turn/U-turn on the tiny winding mountains roads filled with bikes/people and kids – need I say more. We got talking to one of the drivers and I asked him if they breed horses in the island and he said, “No, there are not stallions on the island. There might be some males but the ones who cannot reproduce.” Reason being that horses are matriarchal society so if you put a male/female together in a cart female is trying to outrun the male but the male has bigger hoof-steps than female so makes for a very bumpy ride. [An interesting article that talks about the matriarchal society in horses]

Life on an island must be very interesting as the island is your home. Our lovely puppy got all the fan fare he wanted – the day we showed up a young kid with hair as long has he was tall showed keen interest in Aki. We got talking and it turns out his name is Dex, he lives in the island all year long, he is in 3rd grade and goes to the Mackinaw public school. He hitched a ride on his bike alongside our shuttle. Next day morning we ran into him and a bunch of his friends in the woods – apparently they were building a fort. And then in the afternoon he comes along with this bunch of friends and offers to give Aki a walk for 2$. When Adam said he will think about it, he said he would even do it for free. He and his friends were having a lot of fun – you could see that they belonged and they were not just visiting.

This post will not be complete without mentioning Aki. He is a social crutch for me – conversations with strangers don’t have to awkward, no more small talk as people like to come up and say all sorts of things. I am listing some of the common things.
Person1:”What kind of a dog is he?” Anu: “Shiba Inu” Person 1:”Shiba Unu” [for some reason its hard to say shiba inu the first time you hear it]
Person2:”Can I pet your dog?” Anu: “Yes, you can.” [This is my favorite]
Person3:”Do you know your dog looks like a fox?” Anu:”Yes, I do” [Sometime I feel like responding with a sarcastic – really I never noticed.]

And here is the photo of the famous dog Aki who left his indelible mark at the island