“You cannot travel the path until you become the path.”

This quote took me quiet sometime – literally a year on my kitchen wall before I began to understand what it meant. As usual this is my take on it.

For example, if you are writing a book, then everything that you do you think from a perspective of writing a book. Like how would I describe this person, this building, thinking of plots during driving. It literally takes over your life. Now, this has to happen naturally unless you are the Fake it Until I Make it types.


If Buddha was a barber, getting a haircut would be enlightenment.

Your true nature shines through regardless of what you are doing. Buddha’s main purpose was to help others on the path to enlightenment. So even if he was a barber he would be doing the same.

What is your true nature? That you do regardless of your calling, profession.

Hormones vs. Mormons

This is a real life incident with one of my friends who refuses to acknowledge that she has a hearing problem. Why don’t you as a reader read the following and decide whether it’s true or not. We are in Nandos, our favorite chicken place in London – this was in the Baker Street Branch. …

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