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Make Your Life Easy (Better Version Of Yourself – Book 1 of 3)

Your life does not have to be hard – you can make it easier. Anu Morris shows us how through ‘Make Your Life Easy”. A guidebook for life, Make Your Life Easy is a handbook whose positive messages, illustrations, and examples inspire readers to transition to an effortless way of living while achieving the inner peace we all secretly desire.

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You Can Do It- (Better Version Of Yourself – Book 2 of 3)

Do you have problems in your life? Do you believe you have some, if not complete, responsibility for the problems in your life? If the answer to these questions is yes – then this book is for you.
‘You Can Do It’ is a guidebook that shows different ways to reduce suffering, unhappiness and misery in your life. The situations in this book will resonate with the ones you face daily. The stories, exercises and illustrations in this book show various ways in which you can get out of suffering.

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Break Free: A Guide To Being Free From Suffering (Better Version Of Yourself Book 3)

Are you tired of suffering in your life? Do you want to go beyond the ups and downs of life? Would you like to stop the stress from the various life situations and enjoy them instead? Is there a nagging feeling that indicates there has to be more to life, and it refuses to go away? Break Free – is your answer to all the questions. The book is a pointer, guide or signpost to transcending the suffering and misery in our lives so that we can experience permanent and true freedom, peace and joy.

“According to legends, Earth was saved from the brink of disaster by the sudden appearance of Beings with special powers around 200 years ago. The Beings created a Lifepod – the only habitable place on earth after the disaster. Humans and Beings have lived in the new hierarchical structure that followed since then. But calamities have struck again disturbing this delicate balance endangering the survival of the Lifepod itself.

The Supreme Being, ruler of the Lifepod is bent on destroying the entire human race to restore the balance and save the Lifepod.

Kala – a human working in the government, and Aryan – a Being and the ruler’s son, come together to investigate the calamities only to stumble on a secret that indicates that survival of human race might be the only way to save the Lifepod.

Will Kala and Aryan be able to unite the two races? Will they be able to save the Lifepod?”