Bollywood Dance Masti – the journey.

When we moved from London to Columbus I decided to take a conscious break to do nothing. I found it quite hard to do ‘nothing’ that is and not to mention that I was driving Adam crazy with all my ideas on what I can do. As a part of doing nothing I decided to …

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Artist’s Dilemma

Leap and the net will appear Right, [Let’s out a heavy sigh]. So, I am a published author now. And you can search for my book in Amazon under Anu Morris or The Lifepod. Further details can be found on the details page. Before we go any further I want to share a few incidents …

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Aki – A Free Fellow

Another post in the series of Aki – the majestic pup. Life with Aki is never boring – Now I understand why there are so many posts/posters about what we can learn from dogs. Aki gets scared easily – any loud noise or unknown objects are scary and his first response is to run to …

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Journey of Discovery with Aki

Every day, every moment is a journey of discovery with Aki. Some are funny, some educational, some entertaining and some well just embarrassing. I thought I will share some of them with you today. Taking Aki on a walk means arming yourself with lots of patience. Why? you ask. Aki hasn’t learnt how to walk. …

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Aki’s Way – Let it go.

VIDEO LINK: Aki — Chasing his tail As you all know that we got a puppy – Aki a few weeks ago. And it’s been fascinating to look at life from dog’s eye literally. Any leaf that moves is a serious threat but a big hairy dog going by means I need to sit and …

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Why is the world like a mirror?

“You display the same behavior and aren’t aware of it so you project your disowned behavior onto others and dislike it “out there.” Everyone has encountered the second cause at some point. Someone is complaining about a friend or acquaintance and you think to yourself, “That’s funny, they do the same thing they are finding …

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