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Kids These Days

I did a volunteering for a local temple teaching kids science for a few months. It was not only entertaining but also very comforting – there’s something about their innocence which gives you a warm and cozy feeling.

I thought I might share a few stories from those days today


Peekaboo: The lesson was about frog life cycle and I explained to them how the mother frog leaves her babies and goes off. This concept was very hard for them to digest as how can a mother frog just leave her babies, right! Well, once we got past the horror of abandoned babies

I asked: “How does the mother frog protect her babies?”
One Kid : ” She comes back to check on them.”
Other Kid: “She is always with them.”
And then one kid said, “I know.”
I nodded for him to continue and he responded with a smug smile, “She installs a web cam.”


Charge: A Father reads bedtime story to his two daughters about a boy and his trumpet. The boy’s friend accidentally kicks a ball into the trumpet and no noise comes out of the trumpet. The dad asks his daughters as to what might be the reason.
They think and think and finally the elder one says, “I know what it is. The trumpet needs new batteries”

The kids these days, eh!

Nine or Ten

This is a classic among most of my friends and family.

During my college days my roommate and I were up talking quite late. As we were about to retire to bed I told her I was going for a run next morning. She said “Sounds, good. Wake me up also.” I nodded.
Next morning I went to her room to wake her up.

Me: “I am going for a run.”
She: “What time is it?”
Me: “9:10”
She: “Hey, don’t confuse me in the morning. Is it 9 or is it 10?”

British Humor #2 – It’s my fault

Continuing the series on British Humor:

I was explaining to my boss about how the testers blame it on developers and vice versa. To that my boss replied, ‘See, I am really good. I always take blame.’
I thought about it and said, ‘Yeah, actually that is true. It must have something to do with the way your parents brought you up.’
My boss laughed and said, ‘Yeah, definitely. They kept telling me it’s all my fault.’

British Humor #1 – Neither do I

This is the first of the series about British Humor. It’s in a different class of it’s own. And even after seven years in London I am not sure I quite get the hang of it. Here is one snippet from my life in UK which still elicits a quiet chuckle.

I was in a meeting with my Boss and at the end of the meeting I told him
Me: ‘There were three things I definitely wanted to discuss with you. And I do not remember the third one now.”
Boss: ‘Neither do I.”

British Humor: Always on.

Honk – Auto correct

Message from my friend :

Let’s Skype this weekend and honking about you a lot!!!
When she really meant
Let’s Skype this weekend and Thinking about you a lot.
Well now we have another word in our vocabulary – Honk.

Signing off with lots of honks.

Hormones vs. Mormons

This is a real life incident with one of my friends who refuses to acknowledge that she has a hearing problem. Why don’t you as a reader read the following and decide whether it’s true or not.

We are in Nandos, our favorite chicken place in London – this was in the Baker Street Branch. Me and my friend are sitting one side of the table and my friend and my husband- Adam are sitting across from us. The discussion somehow meandered to Mormons in Utah. We are in a a very animated and lively conversation for 5 minutes almost, when my friend leans over and whispers ‘Why are we talking about hormones?”