Kids These Days

I did a volunteering for a local temple teaching kids science for a few months. It was not only entertaining but also very comforting – there’s something about their innocence which gives you a warm and cozy feeling. I thought I might share a few stories from those days today Peekaboo: The lesson was about …

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Nine or Ten

This is a classic among most of my friends and family. During my college days my roommate and I were up talking quite late. As we were about to retire to bed I told her I was going for a run next morning. She said “Sounds, good. Wake me up also.” I nodded. Next morning …

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British Humor #2 – It’s my fault

Continuing the series on British Humor: I was explaining to my boss about how the testers blame it on developers and vice versa. To that my boss replied, ‘See, I am really good. I always take blame.’ I thought about it and said, ‘Yeah, actually that is true. It must have something to do with …

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British Humor #1 – Neither do I

This is the first of the series about British Humor. It’s in a different class of it’s own. And even after seven years in London I am not sure I quite get the hang of it. Here is one snippet from my life in UK which still elicits a quiet chuckle. I was in a …

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Honk – Auto correct

Message from my friend : Let’s Skype this weekend and honking about you a lot!!! When she really meant Let’s Skype this weekend and Thinking about you a lot. Well now we have another word in our vocabulary – Honk. Signing off with lots of honks.

Hormones vs. Mormons

This is a real life incident with one of my friends who refuses to acknowledge that she has a hearing problem. Why don’t you as a reader read the following and decide whether it’s true or not. We are in Nandos, our favorite chicken place in London – this was in the Baker Street Branch. …

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