Vipassana – Meditation Musings

I just got back from serving at a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Vipassana means to “See things as they are” and it’s one of the many ways to reach enlightenment or at least get started on the journey. It was bought to India by S.N.Goenka to whom I am very grateful. There are lots of …

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Books and Bookworms

After I have published my book – The Lifepod I am making a conscious choice to buy books as opposed to using other means of which I am guilty. And as a result of this I turned to our local library to borrow a few books. Adam and I walked into the library around 8:00 …

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Bollywood Dance Masti – the journey.

When we moved from London to Columbus I decided to take a conscious break to do nothing. I found it quite hard to do ‘nothing’ that is and not to mention that I was driving Adam crazy with all my ideas on what I can do. As a part of doing nothing I decided to …

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Artist’s Dilemma

Leap and the net will appear Right, [Let’s out a heavy sigh]. So, I am a published author now. And you can search for my book in Amazon under Anu Morris or The Lifepod. Further details can be found on the details page. Before we go any further I want to share a few incidents …

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Drawing as a Meditation

         Mandala Coloring Book- Drawings I got the Mandala Coloring Book [By Jim Gogarty] and a box of coloring pencils for Christmas. And I never thought it would be something that would become a habit, but to my surprise I do it everyday effortlessly. Firstly, it’s a very soothing exercise to do in the morning …

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