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Artist’s Dilemma

Leap and the net will appear Right, [Let’s out a heavy sigh]. So, I am a published author now. And you can search for my book in Amazon under Anu Morris or The Lifepod. Further details can be found on the details page. Before we go any further I want to share a few incidents …

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Published Author – Book Available for Purchase

I am pleased to announce that my book, The Lifepod, was published today as a ebook by Amazon and Paperback by Createspace. As many of you know, the book is called ‘The Lifepod’ and is about two different races in future earth. I hope you’ll take time to check it out at Amazon, where you …

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After Copy Editing

Last update on the book publishing update was that I had found a brilliant copy-editor. My book came back proof-read and polished like a real book – not to say that it’s not real, but as I get closer to my goal it just feels more and more surreal. Enough of the real/surreal thread… The …

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Lifepod: Copy Editor Found

I am pleased to announce that I have finally found a copyeditor who will do the final touches on my manuscript before it can be published. The final manuscript will be available to me on March 22nd which means I can publish my book in April – exciting!! And if you were wondering what are …

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