I took a break for two weeks. In the weeks leading up to the break, I kept asking the universe how can I take care of myself more. And the universe provided – my husband was travelling for a week, and while I was talking to one of my best friends from London – she said why don’t I come over? I was like – yes, why don’t I? With London being five hours ahead, working from London was a non-issue.

Photo of Trafalgar Square – artist date

We lived in London for almost seven years, so it was mostly to spend time with a dear friend—a sister from another mother. Someone who will not judge you regardless of whatever comes from your mouth. Someone who can tell you the truth, as it is, won’t hurt you ever because it comes from a place of love. It is by grace that such people come into our lives. Not all relationships turn into such precious ones, even if you spend the same time together or go through experiences. There is a reason why ‘connection’ is a real thing when it comes to relationships.

London is unique for me. When I moved to London from Phoenix, I was not very happy – I was moving from a big house with sunny weather to a tiny bedroom with grey days. But, it grew on me – I adapted and changed in London in more ways than one. I have lived in London as a tourist, student, employed, retired, dating, engaged, married and now as a non-resident of London. Apart from my emotional and spiritual growth, something about being a nameless face in a crowd is to be said. I took a tube in the morning and walked through my old haunts. Throughout the journey, I did not have to smile at others or nod to them; I was myself in a crowd with no need to be anybody, not even myself, which was very fulfilling.

There is an understanding that despite not interacting superficially if the need arises, we will help each other. For example, I left the tube in Tottenham Court Road to walk to St.Pauls, my old workplace. And I saw a couple of pound notes fall off a girl walking with headphones on. When she passed by, we never acknowledged each other, but when I saw the pounds, I ran and touched her on her shoulder – she was taken aback. And we both ran to collect the cash on the ground – she was thankful, and I was grateful to be of service, and we went our ways, ignoring each other afterwards. I love this – cutting the small talk and getting to the heart of the matter.

I have so many memories in London; with every step, I could feel my emotional well-being filling up. There is so much diversity that I fit in instantly—it’s a world I know and feel at home in. And it is always lovely to be in a different place other than home—it gives your regular habit patterns a break. I came back all stocked up with food for the soul. Now, I understand that my current position at work will not improve overnight, which means after four or six weeks or some period, I need a break to avoid burnout. Just this clarity and understanding is huge, as now I can plan for it, and I will not be frustrated when things get hectic after a while.

This is my love letter to the universe for having my back through the process and confirming that it is friendly. All I need to do is ask and listen. Do you believe that the universe is friendly?

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