Not have any expectations or expect them to be met. Yes, it’s that simple.

In our heads, we come up with a scenario that should happen – it starts with a thought, and with repeated thinking, it becomes a reality in our heads. And when the universe/outside world does not follow our script, the reality in our head comes crashing down. And the deafening roar of our made-up crumbling expectations is the root cause of suffering.

Quote: Suffering is your perceptions clashing with reality. Sven Schnieders

And I keep forgetting that we are beings who are having a human experience – how very human of me. Being human is to experience suffering. Now, while I am suffering, if I am witnessing it, then it is actually quite enjoyable, but if I am only suffering, then – well, there is nothing else except suffering.

Like peeling onion layers, the dance between being a witness and being the sufferer reveals its layers. When you first start on this journey, there is no distinction between the actor and the person. You are in the role completely. Then, there comes a time when you can sometimes watch yourself in the part. Then, slowly, the sometimes becomes most of the time. Then, there comes a time when the role and person exist simultaneously. One is aware of the other continuously. Can you imagine how fulfilling that is? Basically, you are watching the drama as it unfolds and enjoying your own act.

An analogy for this journey is that snow is coming down. Looking from a distance, they are coming down fast, but if you look closely, each flake seems to fall leisurely. Both are true at the same time. What matters is where you are looking at it. The same is true for human experience – are you looking at it from a human point of view or witnessing it instead? Being human means we have a choice between being and doing – we need to realize we have the option. That is why we are the experiments and the scientists.

Quote summary: Scientist is the one who examines his own life to search the deep truth of life.

Does it mean that if we are in the witness state, suffering will stop? I do not think so – it means you can observe your suffering instead of suffering. And if you can observe something, then you are not it. It sounds straightforward, but remembering you can observe suffering instead of suffering is a tough choice. The society we live in – or rather the very essence of being human – to be born is to suffer. Suffering is built into human life. There is no avoiding it – only experiencing it while observing it.

By suffering, I am not only talking about earth-shattering events like calamity or death but basic things like rain when you are in Disneyland, having an 8 am call, or having a cold. The daily indignities that life puts in our way, which we call suffering, or sometimes our thoughts, cause suffering. If I am being honest, we are the cause and solution of our suffering – decide what you want to do. Experience suffering or witness suffering – the moment when you realize either option is acceptable as long as you are aware – you have arrived.

I’m unsure if this blog made sense, but it felt so good to get it out. Thank you, universe. Where are you right now?

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