‘If you push something away to get rid of it – you are still in touch with it’, says Ram Dass. Ram Dass was a spiritual teacher. But before he became Ram Dass, he was Dr. Richard Alpert, and you can read more about his fascinating journey at this link. In Summary, his life is very colourful, including LSD trips, Orgies – you name it, and he has probably done it. It just goes to show how life leads you to find who you indeed are!

We Cannot Push Away The World. We have to enter into it fully in order to become free – Quote from Ram Dass

Why am I talking about Ram Dass? Honestly, I found myself at a loss of words when figuring out a topic for this blog. Partially because, for some weird reason, I wanted to do the blog today – usually, I wait until inspiration strikes. But who am I to say this is also not inspiration? So, I have been listening to Eckhart Tolle for years, usually biking, rowing or running. While I was about to run this time, I happened to scroll down the audible and found Becoming Nobody by Ram Dass, and it called out to me. In some ways, I literally ran into Ram Dass. (I am very proud of that joke!).

And as I listened to him, I fell in love. I do fall in and out of love very quickly. But, if something sticks, then it stays for a long time. We will have to see which category listening to Ram Dass falls into. See, at the end of the day, all spiritual speakers – Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, S.N Goenka, and Byron Katie- say the same thing. The ultimate truth is what it is, but there are many ways to describe it. The experience is the same. Ram Dass has his style of talking, which includes tripping and his sexual adventures. He also talked about suppressing desires to a point where he had become what he called a ‘Horny Celibate’. And that’s where the quote about pushing something away only makes it stick in your life more.

Anytime you push something away it’s still there – Ram Dass

Haven’t you noticed the more you try to push something away, the more it sticks with you? I am not talking about procrastination but our pledges like I am not going to watch TV or I am going to write every day. We make resolutions and then use our willpower to remind ourselves of them. I don’t know about you, but exercising my willpower has become an act of violence, so I have stopped it. And this comes from somebody who did Bikram yoga every day for two years straight. 

Then the question is, what do you do? You let the thought in and breathe it out of your toes. It’s just a thought – it does not mean anything. Believe it or not, thinking about it will not change the reality as it is. For example, at the end of the workday, I keep thinking – I should have done this, I shouldn’t have said this, this needs to be done, etc. And a part of me wants to go back to meditating and focusing on my breath. Fighting the thoughts is an exercise in futility because the thoughts are there – but if I just let them in and not engage with them – I find my breath again. That is the art – learning to live with yourself and your thoughts. The practice is in letting them pass through you without becoming them. And with every breath, you become more and more grounded – all it takes is one breath when the thought storms hit you. 

Take a breath with me and let your thoughts pass through your toes.

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