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I don’t remember how old I was when I decided I wanted the corner office. It was one of those passing thoughts that one does not spend another second on, but it burrows deep in your psyche, becoming a driving force without you being aware.

I love challenges – there, I have said it. I do not know if this is true, but I have always harboured a sneaky suspicion that if I said that I love working hard for the right challenges, people at work would not like me. I have found that most people at work avoid hard work or just want to coast. Whereas I am the opposite – coasting bores me. I have had people ask me why I left a cushy job where all I did was talk all day for my current job, where I am truly making a difference. The stuff that I am doing right now is the stuff that dreams are made up of – at least, my dreams. Haven’t you ever wanted to do a turnaround, get the underdog team to win, or change a mess into one of the best things? Right now, I am getting to decide what my app suite looks like, where it needs to go, and what kind of workforce it needs—and doing all this while maintaining my sanity with demanding business partners and a neglected team.

If you know me, then you know that I live life like a spiritual practice. Every situation allows me to learn something that will make me a better version of myself and inspire others to do the same. What am I learning this time around? Fortunately or unfortunately, the universe does not come with a lesson plan, so most of it is left to my imagination to satisfy my intellect. My soul and spirit have no interest in ‘knowing’ the lesson because they care more about living it. But since I am writing a blog, I am catering to my intellect – so I will take a stab at what I have learnt and what I am learning.

Quote: When Life Gets Blurry Adjust Your Focus

I have strengthened my inner gut – I have become familiar with my inner knowing muscle. And with this comes the patience to see whether my gut is true. The desire to act on what you know is right is so strong – and I am learning to observe it because sometimes the gut can be very similar to a rash decision. I am learning not to give in to the temptation to take a side because it makes my life easier. I am learning to take a stand based on what I think is right. I am beginning to have fierce conversations as the norm. But, most notably, what I am learning is that I suffer when I want reality to be something different than what it is. The constant reminder is that I can only go as far as the weakest link and proceed as fast as the slowest team member. At all times, be present – equanimous and aware is what meditation is about. The whole point of going to a ten-day or twenty-day meditation course is to have it spill into one’s life. And right now, if I don’t try to meditate constantly, it will be a terrible job – so, in essence, this job is my meditation practice.

Coming back to the point of the blog, I unashamedly admit that I dig hard work and challenges (the right kind). I respect people who want to do their jobs and go home – but I want more. I want to make a difference and make the world a better place through my daily interactions. I don’t know if I have the courage or if it is even needed to announce publicly that I want situations which require me to use my full potential – as that’s when I thrive and become laser-focused. And in that stage, there is a euphoria or bliss. I accept who I am and my desire to be the medium through which the universe manifests itself.

How are you accepting your true self?

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