Consider this address

Anant Apartment, 

Opposite Asha Mangal Karyalaya,

Near Traffic Park, 

68, Khare Town, 


Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010, India

Consider this address

No 11, Carlton House,

87 – 125 Cleveland St, 

London W1T 6PJ, 

United Kingdom

Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate, but losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel

And finally, consider this address: 6726 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85283

If you are wondering where I am going with these addresses, let’s explore together where we end up. 

The very first address is not address – it is the direction to a place. I imagine somebody giving directions – first, you will come to the traffic circle, then you will see the park next to it and a little further you will see the marriage hall and the house will be on your left. The UK address reeks of hierarchy, first the place, then the apartment, street, area and country. Address in the US is convenient, and you know they have thought it through – there will be only one of these addresses located in a neat little block.

The address structure of each country reveals the culture and life of the people in that country. If, for some reason, you end up with a one-line address in India, nobody would believe it. And in the US – they would send it back to the post office, assuming it is an incorrect address. Well, in the UK, if you encounter a wrong address, you keep calm and carry on. 

Each country has its way of working. Similarly, we humans also have our way of working that is unique to us, and that way is the best for us regardless of all the other ways out there. There is one commonality that we all die in the end, but what we do between birth and death is our address. And it is styled according to us. What do I mean by that?

Some people are hardwired to work hard, be sincere and move up in life. Some people are chilled out to the core and let life take them where it wants. And some people are extremely passive, and some are incredibly active. We all know different kinds of people and their modes of operation. For each of us to find our correct address, we have to know what place we live – inside of us. With all the social upbringing, societal pressure, advertising, the internet, and movies, many of us have never encountered our true north. I do believe that, as humans, we don’t know what our true north is – but that’s a conversation for another time.

Image That States: Moving Up Without Losing Your Way

Coming back to each of us – we have our unique signature. It is tough to retain your uniqueness with all the external influences. It is very rare these days for an adult to make a decision purely on its merit, like taking up a teaching job because it is noble or doing the right thing. After all, it is the right thing to do. Or becoming a writer because that is your passion. There are many reasons why doing what our true north is hard – family, money, society, ego. I have also fallen prey to the same factors, so I understand. However, in today’s society, we do reach a point where we have everything we need, like a house, car, garden, excellent job etc.., but even then, we always continue to see if we are at the correct address. Partly because, over the years, we have forgotten, and then it’s harder to believe in the ‘right thing’ because lines are blurred. 

For example, you may consider taking a promotion over a lateral because it offers you prestige and money without thinking if the promotion is what you want. Your heart tells you that a lateral move is good for you, a challenging experience, unlike the promotion, which, apart from the promotion, you will have to make do. There is no right or wrong move – it is essential to understand the style of your address and follow it. If you like challenges, go for it – if you want the path of least resistance, go for it.

What matters is, did you do what you truly wanted? So, what is your address style?

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