I just finished reading the book, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. And in case you are wondering, the title is not a CTRL C error but the book’s actual title.

Pic of the author and book cover of the book Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Without giving away too much, the book is about a bunch of kids and their lives described via video games. They are all involved with video games. The book is a game of sorts, much like our life. The characters go through tragedy, love, and death and deal with it just like the rest. I found the book on Goodreads 2022 Fiction Awards, and I trust Goodreads, and like all things, this book called out to me, so I bought it. And I ended up reading it in one big sitting – what else can one do on a Friday night?

This book seemed like a nostalgic trip in more ways than one. It had characters who never really fit in – The story of my life. Sometimes I wonder if it is the story of my life or the story I create now.

And second, it had actual BASIC code – as I read through it brought back memories of coding. I could relate to Sadie and Sam’s experience as they code away to glory while building their game. I have had a similar experience where you had to drag me from my terminal, or I stayed up late at home coding.

The characters were passionate about video games, much like I am about ‘Being a better version of myself every day and inspiring others to do the same.’ Suddenly life has a different meaning for you – you may be working, in a meeting, exercising, meditating, or chatting, but it is all about the same thing. I could relate to the characters because they knew that unless they became the way, they could not travel.

Quote: You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself.

The book spans three decades, so the characters progress from their late teens to their late thirties. And in their arc, you can see how the topics they are interested in change depending on their age – something we can all relate to! Getting credit for something vs imparting what you know, for example.

The book talks about death and, in one case, cancer. And the journey was pretty similar to what I experienced recently. But, reading it now felt more manageable as opposed to being unbearable. And one of the characters asks his grandmom how did they get over the death of a loved one. The grandma replies, ‘You wake up in the morning, go to work, come home and go to bed. The next day you wake up again. The beginning is the hardest, but it gets easier as days pass. And one day, you forget the details, and all you have left is a vague memory and sensation.’

Last but not least – the book talks about same-sex marriages and the angst in the world when they were not allowed or recognised. The video game the kids built allowed same-sex marriages way before the world did. They talk about mixed-race kids. They also have a no-gender main character in one of their games.

To be honest, I wrote this blog more like a lightly tempered stream of consciousness, partly to express what resonated with me and partly to write.

What resonates with you?

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