COVID-19, a phrase that the entire human population was unaware existed, has become a part of daily life. In our household, we managed to avoid COVID until last week – when my husband tested positive. And at that time, I braced myself for the inevitable of testing positive myself, which came true in the last few days.

Pic: India Gate with tourists before COVID and empty post COVID

[As a side note – our body raises its temperature while fighting viruses. Do you think our planet earth is doing the same? That global warming is her way of fighting the viruses so she can survive?]

We did the usual – quarantined, drank a lot of fluids, slept a lot – ate pills and, in summary, isolated ourselves in our rooms. In some ways, it is a blessing in disguise because it is your body and the universe telling you that you must stop the frantic rat race and focus on yourself. This was so far from our daily life that I did not know what to do with myself on the first day in the waking hours. And as I lost the energy to think about the to-do list – my natural inclinations started to rise – of which books are the first. They are my first love. I had picked up a book from the library which I had not had the chance to read – ‘The library of the dead’ by T.L.Huchu. It is a fantasy that delves into the paranormal but is set in Edinburgh. I loved roaming the streets of Edinburgh with Ropa (the main character) so much that I devoured the second book in the series despite having to break for coughing multiple times.

Quote: When I have had too much I open a book.

The isolation during COVID became a relaxing escape rather than medical quarantine. I have many examples in my life where books have come to my rescue. For one summer holiday – parents, for some reason, do not recommend playing 24 X 7 for kids, so during the breaks, I would read books. And then, when I was homesick in US and UK – I read books. Once, I was stranded at the airport for more than twenty-four hours – and I remember losing myself in the Da Vinci Code. If I think about it, I am never with a book – constantly reading one book or another.

I have come to accept that people like me – who read books like breathing oxygen are not very common. You could connect with many more people if you enjoyed sports and drinking. But, book readers are not that many. And as a self-professed bookworm, I cannot understand why people don’t find reading books more interesting. I love books because they are always there for you, with no drama. They have the power to take you into a different world while keeping your mind active – it is a very active pastime. Your imagination works as you read the words on the paper or screen. Most importantly, they create a space where creativity can emerge – inspiration can strike.

I wish to create books that inspire others and transport them to a creative space beyond thoughts – what is your wish?

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