I recently watched – The Lost World – Jurassic Park movie. The first movie that released in 1993. And I remember watching it in theatre and being horrified when the scientist leans on an arm to realize it is just an arm of a dead man.

Have you ever wondered how things always come together when nothing is going well? Like in this movie – there is a storm coming. It is nearing nighttime. The villain decides to make his move the same night. The adventurous hero or heroine decides to venture out just then on a noble cause. The electricity goes off at the right time. Things could not have been planned perfectly for them to go wrong.

Switching to real life – a couple of days ago. I got an urgent request to approve a user for one of my team members. Talk about things coming together – the architect decided to upgrade the DIF framework the same day the security team decided to test out ids which happened on the same day the migration team also did a test. It is hard to find out what went wrong in this perfect storm.

Image of Movie Poster – Lost world

Horrific things happen in movies – war crimes, rape, abuse, hunger, slavery – and we all watch it with enthusiasm or disgust. Believe it or not – our lives on this speck of a planet are like a little movie playing in the theatres of the cosmos. And unless there is a perfect storm movie won’t be interesting.

Keeping up with the movie analogy, if we enjoy watching such films, why wouldn’t the audience of the movies of our lives enjoy watching what is playing on our planet earth. Maybe there is a perfect storm brewing – climate change, heatwaves, forest fires, and somewhere two countries are on the brink of starting a world war. Meanwhile, various viruses are wiping the population of the world. Pesticides are making the population sterile. And if this is not enough, some random people go about shooting others. Woah – what a plot, right! Do you think the audience of our real-life movies is watching them with enthusiasm or disgust?

Thinking of your role as an actor on this planet earth puts life in a different perspective, right? Suddenly your mind wonders – if this is all a movie, does it really matter? That is the question – my friend. Maybe the purpose of a perfect storm is to realize the beauty of the universe is coming up with such a wonderful plot with impeccable timing. Now the question arises a universe that can orchestrate so beautifully – can it really make a mistake? What is happening today? Is it right or wrong? Or, maybe the question to ask is – Is it interesting?

Quote From Einstein – The universe is a friendly place

Remember, in movies, things do come together brilliantly; sometimes, the girl who is really scared of the dinosaurs is a brilliant hacker who manages to close all doors just when the Dinosaur is about to enter the room. The hero and heroine stumble upon each other on the island. Things sometimes come together brilliantly.

The point here is that be it a perfect storm or a calm day – it is a plot. The question here is – if life is a movie, regardless of the kind of plot – does it change anything for you?

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