I was talking with my colleague at work about the point of doing what she does? The conversation was about spending time with family and work. Her point was we do work so that we can do non-work items, but we spend so much time doing work that we don’t get time for everything else.

That conversation reminded me that I had not had a thought in a while. My morning theme for most days was – What’s the point of life or work or anything I do. Recently, that thought has not been very prevalent – maybe because I am so busy in the NOW, making the thought irrelevant. 

Calvin Hobbes – A Cartoon about what’s the point of life?

When you think about what’s the point of my life – it seems like a huge problem we have to solve. And if you do not think about it, then the society around you will remind you. But when you think about what you are doing now (as opposed to The Life) – it is fine. A simple shift in thinking but a huge change in our well-being.

I did share with my colleague that one of the key questions with which I measure the quality of my life is – What if I was to die now, right this second? If the answer is not a resounding YES, then it’s time to question the thoughts. Because of this question, I end most conversations with a smile, say thank you to everybody and find completeness in work even if it is incomplete. Life is like a stream; it will keep flowing – you have to build the muscle to be present and make peace with it. This question is not to highlight my love of the morbid but the mindset that this question forces you to live with.

Quote from Thich Nhat Hanh – The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments.

We all live for so long, and in most societies, the dead are hidden behind a veneer to make it look like something that happens to other people – death, unfortunately, is not a part of our daily life. In reality, the only truth is we all die – at least the body does. 

There is no clear answer to the question – everybody has to find their way. And there are some pointers to finding that – a few of the quotes that come to mind are

  • If Buddha was a barber, then getting a haircut would be enlightenment.
  • You cannot travel the path until you become the way.

I can share my purpose at this point – Be a better version of myself every day and inspire others to do the same. And everything I do is infused with this purpose – to summarize, and life is a spiritual practice for me.

We live our life every moment of the day, and that is what ultimately matters. Whether you have a life purpose or vision or an excellent job or family, life is finally happening at this very moment. If you miss this moment, then nothing else matters.

Where are you Now – this very moment?

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