The last year taught us all that change is natural and inevitable. Who would have thought that the entire world would be working from home? I remember I was not very happy about working from home all the time – but some weeks in, I loved it and then earlier this year, I was ready for a change – at the same time, I was anxious about going back to work – and now I am liking the hybrid model of working. Coming back to the office requires overcoming change resistance, just like working from home last year did. 

The point I am trying to make here is that change is inevitable, but human education does not include how to embrace change. And this is not restricted to COVID-19 alone. I remember this one year in London, and I had so many breakouts on my face that I finally went to see a high-end facial expert in AVEDA. And the first question she asked me, ‘Are you stressed?’ My first response was, ‘No, not really. I just had two weddings (To the same guy) in a year.’ She looked at me and said, ‘Yup, you are stressed.’ 

Sometimes the changes, especially life changes, creep on us, and we do not realize it. And we do not have a chance to honour it until it stares in our face in the form of breakouts or fights, or stress. It can be any life change likeĀ 

  • getting into a relationship, 
  • getting married, 
  • having kids, 
  • having the second kid, 
  • getting a new job, 
  • moving to a new country, 
  • back to the office after maternity, 
  • taking maternity leave, 
  • getting a divorce, 
  • being single again,
  • being empty nesters
  • adopting a child
  • loss of a dear one

These changes are necessary for our evolution; otherwise, they won’t be in our lives. Whether we believe it or not Universe wants the best for us. So the next question is – ‘How do we best honour the change that is happening in our lives?’ First and foremost, acknowledge that it is a time of change. If you are in a relationship or just had kids – sit down with your partner and accept the change you both are going through. Second, give yourself grace as there are flare-ups. Nobody is perfect – we all have days when we lose our temper or want it all to go away. And it is normal. That is why change is hard because we are moving from what was comfortable to what is uncomfortable. Third, you are not alone. Believe me; millions of other people on the planet are going through the same thing you are doing. There are millions of new parents struggling to find a balance with kids/work. There are millions of couples who are working out their partner and their relationship. There are tons of people who are dealing with the loss of a dear one.

Last but not least – figure out how you learn best and do it. I do best by reading a book. It gives me a sense of control, and when I am brave enough, I speak to other people. When you look at the change in the eye and go through it – you come out a much better version of yourself and Ready For The Next Change.

Are you going through a change right now? If so, how are you honoring it?

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