Month: March 2020

Loud Silence

We are living in interesting times – something that is making history right now even as I write this blog.  India is in a 21-day lockdown, and some of the temples shut down a bit earlier. My parents told me that within a few days of the lockdown, wild animals started roaming in the vicinity …

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On The Other Hand

Recently, I have started noticing different things. There are a lot more people who are walking their dogs. I see father/son going on a walk. I see mother/daughter running with their dog. I see families going on bikes together. I see couples walking around the park. With the coronavirus quarantine, we are spending time with …

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Do I Know You?

Coronavirus – Let’s start with THE topic on everybody’s mind. Even if you do not want to hear about it you have no choice – it is impacting almost everything. We finally gave in to the fear that we might have no food at home (which made no sense) and Adam decided to make a …

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As Good As It Gets

Adam and I recently finished level 1 Improv Class. It was something that we were always curious about, and I was personally very interested in learning how to go with the flow. So, we did the class and finished it successfully as well. There is an activity in Improv called Dr.KnowItAll. Three people stand on …

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