Have you ever been in a situation where there is so much going on that you wonder how you are going to get it done? And every activity on your plate is the one that you love and one that energizes you. I am talking about a situation when despite your best prioritization and time management there is still a lot going on. (If you are continually living in a state where you are overwhelmed, then you need to work hard on genuinely figuring out your priorities and managing your time.)

My approach to these situations is to remind myself that – Universe gives us only what we can handle and what is best for me. Like all mental models, this is also a mental model, and I cannot tell you if this is true or not, but I can tell you that it makes my life easier and works for me. It is a belief system for me.

I recently completed Habit Builder Series from Brendon Burchard and one of the habits he talks about is Courage. Courage means not complaining or getting frustrated when life gets tough instead tell yourself that you are being prepared. And this is my second belief system – Universe is preparing me for what is to come. Just like if you are running a marathon – you train and training is not comfortable when you start there is always something challenging about it.

Life is the same way. Let’s say I want to be a C-level executive in one of the top ten Fortune companies. At that stage in my career, I need to juggle tons of different situations, taking care of myself – exercising, meditating, spending time with family and managing a big company – All At The Same Time. So, now in my life, if I am being given lots of things that I have to juggle along with family and myself – If it’s not training for what is it come then I don’t what it is. Every situation, person, encounter in our life is preparing us for the next phase in life – Change is the only constant in life, and daily life is the preparation for it.

Some people have a belief system where they believe that if they do not take on challenging tasks, then they will coast along – they start complaining as to why it is happening to them – they try to change or avoid the situation they are in. If this is your belief system and it works for you then good for you. But what you are doing here is not accepting the reality as it is. There will come a point when you have to face what is in front of you and live it – because that is the only choice you have. The long and challenging road ahead of you does not disappear when you close your eyes – it will disappear only when you walk on it. Welcome, everything that the universe brings your way with open arms and Enjoy The Ride to more exciting destinations.

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