Let’s imagine a conversation between trees: A baby Plant called Plant, Young Sapling called Sapling, Mature Tree called Mature.
Baby: I am tired of just taking in water and sunlight – I want to produce fruits. Producing fruits is so cool – it’s the coolest thing in the world.
Young: I want to grow up and become strong. I cannot wait to spread my roots even further – I don’t like relying on the Mature when there are strong winds and heavy rains.
Mature: (who is humming to himself enjoying the breeze – does not say anything)

Fortunately, nature is a very loving parent and knows precisely what is right for the tree. Can you imagine if the trees were all built to keep giving fruits all year long – even in winter? What if they shot up all of a sudden from a seedling to a mature oak tree – their foundations would not be secure, they might not even survive the first storm.

For humans, there are no such checks and balances except our inner awareness.

In today’s world sitting idle is a bad thing – you have to be always doing something. And in this world of iPhones, internet everywhere – there is no respite from “doing.” As soon as we are done with one thing – we are onto another thing. In most cases, we don’t even know where we are headed, but we have to keep moving even if it takes you in the opposite direction.
We want everything to happen faster – lose weight quickly, get rich in nine weeks, get glowing skin in an hour, learn a skill in a 12-week workshop – the list is endless. There is a reason it takes seed a grow into a sapling; there is a reason why it takes time for milk to turn into yogurt – it gives a chance for full growth resulting in an outcome which is complete in itself.
With all the information that is thrown at us – it is sometimes too hard to put the brakes, hang our coats, sip tea and chill out. Even chilling out is scheduled these days.

What we forget is we are harming ourselves if we do not take the time for introspection, to nurture oneself, permit oneself do nothing. I am guilty of it too – we are taught how to productive – nobody shows us how to relax. And it is a skill – relaxing does not mean avoiding work, procrastination or watching TV – it is a way to unwind every cell in your body so that your entire being is just that – BEING. If you think it is impossible to achieve that kind of bliss then start with smaller goals – If you had a terrible day at work, give yourself a break but a good one. If you spent the day being bombarded with external chatter – watching TV shows is not going to help.

If you ever given up sugar and then eaten a carrot then you know what I mean by the word “sweet” – sometimes doodling, meditating, relaxation yoga or just sitting and staring at the ceiling are better than instant mind-numbing activities.

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