The plan for Belize was to do nothing. It did not mean that we will just sit on the beach and drink virgin coladas all day long. What it meant was rest and relaxation and I believe we succeeded. First night in, I had a plan on what I was going to wear, when to meditate and when to do yoga. Next day it was only what to wear and the third day it was just wake up. We definitely marched solidly on the trajectory towards rest and recuperation.

Our usual routine was quite simple actually – wake up, meditate – do yoga [optional] and journal. After that it was a solid two hours of snorkeling – I am beginning to enjoy it now. And we have snorkeled at all the docks in the island. And then shower and it’s time for lunch. I am a pescaterian and every meal has been a delight. I have had sea food every meal and I am not bored yet. They do have this amazing hot sauce which might be the reason for it but the different varieties of fishes/lobsters and shrimps have been amazing.

The Belizean delicacies like zucchini fritters/breads remind me of India. Even the way the fish is spiced is very much like how my mom makes them. And the hammocks are made of a material that we use as carpets in India. Either I am missing home or this place is a lot like India.

And just as I was writing the blog, Adam got one of the staff to take our photos together. After he took the photo he said, “My name is Pablo.” And we introduced ourselves and he asked where we are from. We said states and then I added that I am Indian. His face lit up, he said he is also Indian and his first language is Mayan. I laughed and said I am from a different Indian country. He said that I remind him of his sister in law and that she is teacher in the university of Belize.I just added this little encounter to say that this is what happens when we are doing nothing – these little encounters, the tiny moments.

Going back to our routines, after lunch its nap time in the hammocks with the sea breeze. And here’s a photo of the hammock as well.

In India, for babies they don’t have cribs instead they take sarees [which are nine-yard long cloth that women drape themselves in] and tie the both ends to a hook in the ceiling so it’s like a cradle. Babies sleep in them and the mothers usually rock them gently in the cradle. As a baby I spent a lot of time in the cradle and got a lot of rocking done by my parents and extended family. Sleeping in the hammock with the sea breeze gently rocking the hammock reminded me of the cradle. The point I am making is that I slept like a baby, literally.

And then wake up and go kayaking – so we went around our island twice. Yesterday we made the trip to the bird island. The sea was really choppy and the waves were coming head on so in a few minutes in I was floating in the water in the kayak. Once you enter the water there’s no point in saying I am wet. It even rained for a bit. We did make it to the island – its more like a reserve and it was nesting season. I do not know the names of the all the birds but there were some interesting ones – there was this one bird which was all puffed up with its red chest. Lots of pelicans. We went around the island and made our way back hoping to find calmer waters but the wind was even more choppier. We ended up paddling on just one side as the water was pushing us to one side.

Then come back, nap again – read book or play a game and it’s time for dinner. And then go to bed. In essence that’s our typical day like.Chilling out lounge – coco bar as shown.

There are excursions from the island like coral reef snorkeling/lobster hunt/island hopping and almost everyone on the island made it to one of them. We were probably the only ones who did not and as I said we were here to do nothing and that’s what we did. We got to unwind, relax and spend quality time with each other which we haven’t done in ages. And had a good time.

Signing off with coconuts as I watch the sunset.
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  1. This stuck with me after reading: “Once you enter the water there’s no point in saying I am wet.”

    You may be channeling Confucius. I like it.


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