After I have published my book – The Lifepod I am making a conscious choice to buy books as opposed to using other means of which I am guilty. And as a result of this I turned to our local library to borrow a few books. Adam and I walked into the library around 8:00 pm and I got two new books to read over the weekend.

As I walked in I realised I felt at home at the library, I really do probably because nobody judges you based on how you look, what you are wearing or how much you earn. There’s a common thread which binds the library people – love of books and that’s it.  It is hard to articulate the joy of reading a good book because it’s indeed an experience but if you have really enjoyed a good book, been swept away into new worlds, been one with the characters felt their emotions, pain then you know what I am talking about. There’s a sweet pain when you keep such a book down after having been up the whole night.


I have loved books since I can remember. When I was about seven or eight, my dad used to read books to us. And we were reading Alibaba and forty thieves, we were right at the very end and my dad could not read to us that night because he was busy. I so wanted to know what happened that I got the book and read it myself till the end – skipping over the words that I didn’t understand or parts that I didn’t like. I guess that’s how I learnt skimming ;). And that was just the beginning.

book1I couldn’t agree more with the George R.R Martin above. Books are like portals to a different world. My favorite activity is to settle on a comfy couch with a very large book, cup of chai and some snacks and I am set for my journey. When you finish a good book you feel refreshed, inspired and relaxed.

I keep saying “Good Book” because there are books and good books. Good Book to me is the one which takes you on a journey and where the best part lies between the lines and which eats up your heart and soul. Just like different kinds of food there are different kinds of books – fiction, fantasy, spiritual, self-help , memoirs, humor and so on… And depending on my mood I do indulge in fast food of books like Sidney Sheldon [There I have named her].

My favorite genre is fantasy – wizards, different worlds, dragons, sorcerers and that too epic ones which are on a grand scale like Lord of the Rings. No post will be complete without a list of a few of my favorite fantasy books – note these are ones that come to mind now.

Wheel Of The Time Series [WOTS]: A whopping fourteen book series with a world so real that you are always shocked when you come back to the real world.
Stormlight Archives: Only two of the ten have been published so far – this one I have a feeling I will grow old with especially if it takes two years to publish one book.
Magician trilogy: This one was a whirlwind for me and here the characters travel within different worlds.
And many more…

I could not end on a more appropriate quote

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