I did a volunteering for a local temple teaching kids science for a few months. It was not only entertaining but also very comforting – there’s something about their innocence which gives you a warm and cozy feeling.

I thought I might share a few stories from those days today


Peekaboo: The lesson was about frog life cycle and I explained to them how the mother frog leaves her babies and goes off. This concept was very hard for them to digest as how can a mother frog just leave her babies, right! Well, once we got past the horror of abandoned babies

I asked: “How does the mother frog protect her babies?”
One Kid : ” She comes back to check on them.”
Other Kid: “She is always with them.”
And then one kid said, “I know.”
I nodded for him to continue and he responded with a smug smile, “She installs a web cam.”


Charge: A Father reads bedtime story to his two daughters about a boy and his trumpet. The boy’s friend accidentally kicks a ball into the trumpet and no noise comes out of the trumpet. The dad asks his daughters as to what might be the reason.
They think and think and finally the elder one says, “I know what it is. The trumpet needs new batteries”

The kids these days, eh!

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