When we moved from London to Columbus I decided to take a conscious break to do nothing. I found it quite hard to do ‘nothing’ that is and not to mention that I was driving Adam crazy with all my ideas on what I can do.

As a part of doing nothing I decided to take up the twelve week course as designed in Artist Way. To my surprise it did inspire a creative spark in me. As one morning I woke up and decided that starting a Bollywood Dance Class is the way to go. I met Adam for lunch and told him about my great idea and being a project manager at heart I had a mini plan ready.

Me: So what do you think? [After I showed my detailed plan to him]
Adam: When did you have this idea? [As I had never mentioned this to him before]
Me: This morning [looking very sheepish]

And that was that – I didn’t think about it more, assumed it was going to be a passing idea. And then a month later we went to a retreat as a part of the Creativity and Personal Mastery course we took in London Business School. And as the name indicates it helps you discover your creative self by knowing more about yourself. And I am forever grateful to my fellow CPMers who encouraged me to go ahead with my idea of starting a dance class. The positive energy that I got from the retreat created a momentum which even I couldn’t stop. I got back from the retreat created my Bollywood Company. Advertised through Living Social and Facebook and I was an entrepreneur.


When you are in flow things do fall into place and that’s exactly what happened. People showed up – We all helped each other enjoy dance and soon a community was formed which keeps giving.

Here’s to all the Bollywood Dance Masti Dancers. Love you all.


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