Month: May 2016

Running, Running and Running

We are always running, whether we know it or not. The question is to where. Are we running towards a better job, retirement, soulmate, kids or even enlightenment. There is another destination beyond all these mini goals and that is where we all finish our race or start a new one depending on what you …

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EEE – easy, effortless and enjoyable

Right, before we get into the article let me say something overarching about almost all the posts that I write – that we all have a belief or a mental model of how we live our life. We might think we don’t but we do, the fact that we think we don’t is a model …

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Kids These Days

I did a volunteering for a local temple teaching kids science for a few months. It was not only entertaining but also very comforting – there’s something about their innocence which gives you a warm and cozy feeling. I thought I might share a few stories from those days today Peekaboo: The lesson was about …

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Bollywood Dance Masti – the journey.

When we moved from London to Columbus I decided to take a conscious break to do nothing. I found it quite hard to do ‘nothing’ that is and not to mention that I was driving Adam crazy with all my ideas on what I can do. As a part of doing nothing I decided to …

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