Another post in the series of Aki – the majestic pup. Life with Aki is never boring – Now I understand why there are so many posts/posters about what we can learn from dogs.

Aki sleeping

Aki gets scared easily – any loud noise or unknown objects are scary and his first response is to run to his safe places i.e. go to the porch door or hide in between sofas. He will come and explore them at his own pace but his initial reaction is to run. After he ran away from the brand new toys I got for him, I named him ‘Scary Cat’. He still ran to the sofa and sat there eyeing the toys.

I call him sleepyhead too as he sleeps most of the day but he still sleeps when he has to.He doesn’t care what people call him or rather he cannot understand what we call him. He does what he wants to do regardless of other people’s opinion of him.

This is true freedom in one sense РI can recall times where I have mulled over something somebody had said to me, unnecessarily for days. I am not saying that labels are bad, sometimes they do give us a much needed push but still if we  define ourselves by the labels then are we truly free?

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